#ItsPossible: Son of Landless Labourers from Bihar Receives Rs. 44 Lacs Scholarship

#ItsPossible: Sachin Kumar, son of landless labourers from Goai village in Bihar has received a full scholarship worth 44 Lacs to study at Ashoka University. Let’s hear his story of grit, courage and determination, which helped him overcome all challenges and made his dream of getting world-class education come true. 

#ItsPossible: Son of Landless Labourers from Bihar Receives Rs. 44 Lacs Scholarship
#ItsPossible: Son of Landless Labourers from Bihar Receives Rs. 44 Lacs Scholarship

#ItsPossible: India recently achieved the feat of becoming the 5th Largest Economy in the World, surpassing Britain, its once colonial master. While the rapid growth saga of India continues, there are many who have been left on the sidelines as mere spectators. But amid such contradictions, Education is the great equalizer that has enabled many from underprivileged backgrounds and marginalized communities to not only dream but to transform them into reality.

Sachin Kumar, son of a landless labourer, from Goai village in Bihar, is also one such hero, who has used Education to fight and overcome socio-economic disparity to not only join India’s Growth Journey but contribute to it as an equal partner. Coming from Mahadalit community - a socially backward group, Sachin has received a full scholarship worth 44 Lacs to study at Ashoka University, becoming the first in his family to go to college. Let’s hear his story of grit, courage and determination, that helped him leave his past behind and script a bright and successful career ahead.

The Journey

Sachin is a Mahadalit, a marginalized community from the Hindi Heartland whose members lack severely in literacy and most students do not even graduate high school. Even for Sachin, the journey to high school was not an easy one. But understanding the power of Education and the way it can empower and transform one’s life, he decided to give his best in his school education. Along with academics, Sachin was also actively involved in volunteering activities, sports, theatre, and public speaking competitions.

Since his childhood, he was driven to help others from his community to grow and rise. To help other Mahadalit students from Goai, he volunteered as a tutor for Math and Science to underprivileged students at the local government school. Apart from this, he has also led cleanliness and environment campaigns from a very young age. In sports, he was captain of his school badminton team and represented his school at the district-level badminton championship.

Looking at his talent and determination to succeed, Sachin was identified and groomed by Dexterity Global, a national organization powering the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities and training. The training helped him to understand his priorities as far as higher education is concerned and identify the opportunities that are available to him.

The Achievement

His zeal and passion to succeed and use Education as a vital force in his journey to excellence ensured that Sachin gets selected to Ashoka University - one of the most renowned universities in India. He will be pursuing Computer Science at Ashoka on a full scholarship worth Rs 45 lakhs. The achievement is very special not only for Sachin but his entire family as he would be the first person in his family to go to college. Sachin’s scholarship will cover full tuition, housing, meals, and pocket money for the entire duration of his undergraduate education at Ashoka University, one of the top-ranked liberal arts universities in the nation.

The Way Ahead…

But Sachin’s inspirational journey will not end at Ashoka as he plans on playing a constructive role in taking India’s growth journey ahead and helping others like him, from marginalized communities, join the mainstream. Backed by his world-class education at Ashoka University, Sachin plans on working towards nation-building by using his knowledge of Computer Science. With India entering its Amrit Kaal and India undergoing rapid digitization, Computer Science and Information Technology will play a vital role in the development of the country. Inspired by President APJ Abdul Kalam, he wants to use Science and Technology for nation-building.

Sachin embodies the #ItsPossible spirit of GenX because…since his childhood days, he has overcome immense hardships and crossed numerous barriers to be where he is today. His spirit of selfless service motivates him to give back to the community and after completing his education at Ashoka University, he plans to do the same in the future as well. Backed by his world-class education and leadership, Sachin will be a true role model for young kids around the country.

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