#ItsPossible: Vandana Muralidharan - 18-year-old Chennai Girl awarded ¥3.38 Million Scholarship to Join Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

#ItsPossible: Vandana has learnt Japanese as a language from a very young age and therefore was focused on applying to colleges in Japan. Her efforts paid off when she was selected to join Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan on a ¥3.38 Million Scholarship. Here’s her inspirational story!

#ItsPossible: Vandana Muralidharan
#ItsPossible: Vandana Muralidharan

#ItsPossible: Ask any teenager what would be their dream study destination and the most common answers that you will hear are the US, UK, Canada or Australia. But, Vandana Muralidharan - an 18-year-old Girl from Chennai, has devoted a large part of her life preparing to pursue her higher education in Japan. She has realized her dream and has been selected to join Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan - one of Japan’s leading international universities with students from over 161 countries. At Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Vandana will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

Here’s her unusually inspiring story of how her childhood obsession with the Japanese language helped her not only get selected but has also won her a ¥3.38 Million Scholarship for her higher education.

The Journey

Vandana’s journey to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan began at an extremely early age, probably when she didn’t even realize it herself. In high school, Vandana won the International Japanese Business Pitch Contest and also represented her school in several speech and debate competitions. In school, Vandana was a finalist in the MasterCard Financial Access Challenge - World Series Innovation and later went on to lead the Innovation club. Apart from academics, she is also a trained classical dancer in Bharatanatyam and has performed in various programs at the regional and national levels.

Since her childhood, Vandana was drawn to the Japanese language and always excelled at it since her school days. Call it her curious nature or a karmic plan, her expertise in the language played a significant role in helping her identify and plan for her higher education in Japan. She was also aided by the guidance provided by her mentors at Dexterity Global, a national organization powering the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities and training. Her efforts paid off when she was selected to join Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan on a ¥3.38 Million Scholarship.

The Achievement

Brought up in a traditional Chennai household, it wasn’t natural for Vandana to start dreaming about a foreign college education. With her mother being a homemaker and her father owning a small business; she knew that if wanted to turn this dream into a reality, it would have to be through hard work and commitment that can help her earn a scholarship to fund her higher education. Coming from a middle-class family where education and work are worshipped as gods, her achievement to join one of Japan’s most popular colleges, was a testament to her talent and abilities.

The Way Ahead

Expressing her gratitude toward the university, Vandana says that she has always tried to use her education in the service of others and hoped to continue doing so during her education in Japan. Vandana is passionate about the representation of women in business and predominantly male-dominated fields. She is also passionate about Climate Change, Sustainability, Policy, and the various intersections within the field. Using her experience as part of various Youth Policy and Advocacy forums, she plans on taking the agenda on these key problems faced by India and humanity, in general, ahead.

Vandana embodies the #ItsPossible spirit of GenX because…instead of following the herd, she decided to chalk out her path for a bright academic future that can suit her needs and circumstances. She plans on solving some of the most pressing contemporary challenges by serving people through her global education.

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